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The Ultimate Nappy Bag

A well packed nappy bag is your lifeline when travelling with your baby. Here’s what we’ve found helpful:

The bag - this was a gift, and we love it. It has compartments galore, including one for us to put our valuables in to keep them safe and secure.

Nappies - we generally travel with 6 nappies, unless we know we will be out for a long day. We tend to carry the disposable type, which avoids us having to carry around soiled reusable nappies in our bag.

Wipes - wet and dry: we keep a refillable container with our wet wipes in it, to keep them moist and protect everything else in the bag from becoming wet. For the dry wipes, we carry a small packet of tissues.

Nappy bags - we use these for disposable nappies and our change pad liners if we are out, so that we can carry them until we can dispose of them or until we get home. The bags are lightly scented, to mask any unpleasant odours.

Barrier cream - our weapon against nappy rash.

Changing pad liner - to place on public change stations to keep baby off the cold hard, germy surface and make the change experience a little more comfortable.

Hand sanitiser - for keeping hands clean when on the go.

Large size pencil case - our favourite item is a large sized pencil case, containing everything we need for one nappy change. This allows us to leave our large and often heavy bag with the pram, and travel lightly to and from the change room.

Entertainment - we usually travel with a book and two small toys, which we change up every week or so to prevent boredom.

Food – once solids are introduced, extra kit such as bibs, water bottles, food that doesn’t require refrigeration or an insulated bag will be needed.

Muslin/wrap - multi purpose - breastfeeding cover, pram cover, blanket and burp cloth.

Panadol - for you and bub.  Just in case.

Spare change - enough for lunch and coffee. You will forget your wallet at least once post baby.

Clothes - in case of a poo explosion or baby led weaning.  

Have we missed anything? What is your "can't leave home without it" item? Let us know below or over on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear your tips.

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