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Solid Starters - Top products to make weaning a breeze
It's that time again for us - starting solids.  Whether you're doing purees or baby led weaning or a mix of both, here are our favourite products.

Ikea Antilop High Chair with Insert

Bamboo Basix - Ikea High Chair #Winning.  A simple, inexpensive and easy to assemble high chair with few crevices and moveable parts (less places for food to hide).  If dinner time gets messy you can even hose it.  It now comes with an insert (helpful inflatable plastic thingy with a machine washable cover). 

Nuby Nibbler Mesh Feeder

Bamboo Basix - Nuby Mesh Feeder Let baby sample first foods without the risk of choking.  Pop fresh fruit and steam vege in the mesh.  Comes with a lid for travel.  We took ours to Hawaii so bub could sample the local fruit.  The mesh can be a little tricky to clean (ie. Banana), but you can buy replacements if needed.  Too easy. 

Kmart Silicone Placemat

Bamboo Basix - Kmart Silicone Plate

Kmart lovers rejoice. Simple and inexpensive. Sticks well to the Ikea Antilop High Chair.

Munchkin Silicone Feeder

Bamboo Basix - Munchkin Silicon Feeder Similar to the mesh feeder, but the difference is you can freeze purees, milk and fruit in it.  Great for snacks and teething! The feeder also comes with a cover for when you’re out and about.  Easy to clean.

Heinz Freezer Pots 

Bamboo Basix - Heinz Freezer Pots These pots come in a variety of sizes and are great for purees and snacks on the go.  The pots feature a “pop up” base making removal of frozen purees a breeze.

Breville Baby Banquet

Bamboo Basix - Breville Baby Banquet A cheaper alternative to the Thermomix with 3 functions - food/bottle warmer, steamer and blender – though the steamer/blender get the most workout.  Complete with utensils, this clever contraption should last well beyond your baby days.

Boon Benders cutlery 

Bamboo Basix - Boon Benders Cutlery Ergonomic with a small head that allows little hands to grasp and eat with this fork and spoon.

Boon Squirt Spoon

Bamboo Basix - Boon Squirt Spoon Perfect for feeding purees on the go, this spoon has a refillable silicone handle.

BBox Travel Bib

Bamboo Basix - BBox Travel Bib A nifty little bib which is easy to clean and folds up nicely for feeding out and about.  I machine wash mine in a wash bag.

BBox Sippy Cup 

Bamboo Basix - BBox Sippy Cup Cleverly designed with a weighted straw, easy to grip handles and a flip-top cover, this water bottle is very easy for little people to use.  Make sure it is clearly labelled at daycare, most kids have one of these.

Silly Billyz Fleece bib

Bamboo Basix - Silly Billyz Fleece Bib If your baby is like mine, he needs a raincoat when he eats.  Well, this is the next best thing.  Fully machine washable with a fleecey front which always cleans beautifully, no matter what gets stuck to it. 

Bamboo Basix Washcloths

Bamboo Basix - Washcloth Ultra soft and absorbent, our washcloths are perfect for wiping messy faces and hands.  They are fully machine washable and available in a convenient pack of 6.

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