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Bamboo Basix reusable Changing Pad Liners make mess manageable. 

Whether your baby has a tendency for the nappy off tinkle or they have mastered the mid-nappy change crocodile death roll, these absorbent, waterproof and machine-washable liners provide extra-protection against leaks and make cleaning up those little accidents a breeze.

Bamboo rayon is super soft, making it the perfect partner for your baby’s delicate skin.  The quilted design of these liners traps air and provides a soft and comfy feel, while the breathable waterproof layer is made from non-toxic and vinyl-free TPU.

To use, simply lay the liner on top of your changing pad (or any other surface you want to protect), and you are good to go.  If an accident does occur, these extra-large, highly absorbent and waterproof liners will catch it. 

To clean-up, simply throw the liner in the washing machine and replace it with a clean one.  These reusable and durable changing pad liners eliminate the hassle of removing and washing your entire changing pad cover multiple times per day, which extends the life of your changing pad cover.

Our convenient 4 pack means a liner will always be on hand, allowing you to keep a stash in your nappy diaper bag for changing on the go, nappy free time or additional protection for your high chair, bouncer or rockers.

Bamboo Basix Changing Pad Liners are the eco-friendly and convenient solution to baby's messy nappy changes.  Once you’ve tried these liners, you’ll wonder why you ever changed a nappy without one.


Here’s why Bamboo Basix Changing Pad Liners are the best on the market:

  • Easy to use and clean – Lay them on your changing pad cover or any other surface you need to protect. Throw them in the washing machine wash when they’re dirty and line dry in the sunshine. That’s it. 
  • Ultra-soft with four layers of protection – The bamboo rayon topper and generous padding ensure baby's comfort wherever she goes or plays.
  • Waterproof and absorbent – these liners are thirsty. The capacity of the average infant bladder at 9 months is 70ml.  These liners absorb far more than that.
  • Extra-large quilted design – Measuring 71 x 38cm, these liners are much larger than other options available. The extra-large surface area provides supreme protection against little accidents. The quilting creates a comfy soft feel.
  • Durable and economical - These liners can be used for years.  People who use a disposable liner, swapping it ONCE daily, will spend on average $182 over one year.  You will save at least $140 by using our liners.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable – Reusable = less waste.  Help minimise land-fill.  Bamboo is also renewable, so it’s win-win for the environment.

Always use on a stable surface under supervision. Never leave baby unattended while changing. 

Product details

Four layers of protection: 
❤ First layer: ultra-soft bamboo rayon/polyester blend, quilted design
❤ Second Layer: polyester filling
❤ Third layer: waterproof TPU
❤ Bottom layer: non-slip polyester

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