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Bamboo Basix - Breast Pads Best Key Features - washable, reusable
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Bamboo Basix reusable breast pads are the natural and sustainable solution for mums who experience those inevitable leaks during pregnancy or while breastfeeding baby.

Our washable bamboo nursing pads are made with 3 layers to create an ultra-soft, absorbent, waterproof and protective barrier to leaks.  With two size options, you will have total confidence when at home or out and about.

Once you feel these breast pads and see the results, you’ll love them as much as we do!


Our reusable bamboo breast pads are the best nursing pads for breastfeeding mums!  Here’s why:

  • Easy to use - Pop them in your bra coloured side out and off you go!
  • Easy to clean - Machine washable - simply throw them in the washing machine in the bonus laundry bag and line dry in the sunshine.
  • Gentle on delicate skin - Ultra-soft bamboo rayon that sits against the skin and no sticky plastic backing or adhesives that can cause irritation.
  • Waterproof and absorbent with moisture wicking properties, which protects your clothing from embarrassing leaks.
  • Durable and economical - Designed to go the distance. Use them again and again and save $$$!  Nursing mums can save a minimum of $80 using these pads compared with disposable alternatives over a 3 month period.
  • Eco-friendly - Reusable = less waste. Ditch disposables and help save the environment. And our nursing pad set comes with a bonus carry bag and wash bag, so even the packaging is functional and reusable.
  • 2 sizes - Unlike other brands, our breast pads come in two sizes options, so there’s something for everyone!  
  • Stylish - For a limited time, you can choose between our original multi-colour set and our new monochrome "Panda Packs".

Bamboo Basix Breast pads are a must-have breastfeeding accessory or the perfect baby shower gift for a mum who deserves a little luxury.

Product details

 Three layers of protection:  

   ❤   Inner layer: ultra-soft bamboo rayon 
   ❤   Middle layer: ultra-absorbent micro-fibre
   ❤   Outer layer: colourful, waterproof PUL

   ❤ Two sizes: 10cm and 12cm diameter (Please choose size carefully.  See our product photo for help with sizing)

What mums are saying

LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!! I have tried numerous disposable breast pads and all became quite itchy by the end of the day even the “bamboo” ones. But, these are so comfy I barely notice I’m wearing them, absorb so well and are reusable YAY! Good for the earth and my bank account. Highly recommend! - Carly C

I recently ordered 2 packs of the breast pads and so glad I did! I used disposables with my first 2 babes but found them irritating this time around, tried these reusable bamboo ones and absolutely love them! Wish I tried them sooner! So comfy and absorbent.. don’t even notice I’m wearing them. - Amy P

I just wanted to say I was skeptical that they would keep up with my hyper-lactation and 9 days in they are doing way better than disposables. Zero leaks from them and they feel nice on my boobs - Chloe M

Frequently asked questions about Bamboo Basix Reusable Breast Pads

How do I choose the right size?

Our reusable breast pads are available in two sizes - 10cm and 12cm diameter.  As a guide we suggest the 10cm size for mums with cupsize A to B, and and the 12cm size for cupsize C and up.

The 10 cm size is also perfect for mums that have light leakage or are weaning.

As a busy Mum, are reusable breast pads difficult to use?

Not at all. Our breast pads are machine-washable.  

To use the pads, place the soft (looped) bamboo side against your skin. The smooth waterproof layer will be against your nursing bra. Change the pads frequently to avoid moisture sitting against your skin.

Care instructions:

Ideally wash the pads within a day, or it you won't get time to wash them, be sure to rinse them after use. Use mild detergent like you would on your baby’s clothes. Avoid the use of fabric softener as this can affect the absorbency of the nursing pads.

How often should I change my reusable bamboo breast pads?

How often you will need to change your breast pads really depends on how much leakage you experience and when. 

To maintain healthy skin, we recommend changing your breast pads regularly, and especially if the pads feel wet.   Most mums leak more in the early days and at night when their breasts are quite full, so more regular changes may be required during these times.

Thankfully you have seven pairs (maybe more), and a handy carry bag, so you can change them whenever you need.

Will people be able to tell I’m wearing breast pads underneath my clothes?

In order to provide superior moisture absorption and avoid leakage, our breast pads are multilayered.  This means they are not as slim as some disposable breast pads, but much more comfortable! 

Our experience is that the correct size breast pads are pretty discreet underneath clothing when worn with most maternity bras/nursing tanks.  Therefore, people will only know if you tell them!