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The most beautiful custom roller blends using the purest therapeutic grade essential oils for the mama seasons — pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum

🌸Boobie Boost🌸

Looking to increase your milk supply? 🤱 This beautiful blend will help to naturally boost the volume and fat content of your breast milk thanks to fennel and basil along with the help of Clary Sage (not to be used in pregnancy, especially not before 37 weeks) which also has the added bonus of supporting your hormonal system. Geranium not only smells gorgeous but it also helps minimise pain/discomfort that can be associated with breastfeeding. We have ramped up this blend by adding Fenugreek CO2 extract as it has been proven to increase milk supply within 24-48 hours - woo!!

🌸Push Potion🌸

A best seller! An affectionately named roller blend to assist with efficient contractions, helping Mama to relax into labour and manage the challenges around transition! A fabulous tool to apply topically or dab onto a handheld fan/wash cloth to enjoy aromatically whilst in labour. This blend is also wonderful to use for menstrual cramps (for that time of the month) or just as often as you like for mood elevation -- multiple uses aside from labour/birth/term pregnancy.

This beautiful blend smells absolutely divine with:

• Wild Orange - an uplifting and invigorating smell, fabulous for a burst of energy
• Clary Sage - to help with efficient contractions and to keep them going
• Lavender - a powerhouse of an oil to help soothe, promote rest and relaxation and eliminate stress
• Bergamot - to help with achy muscle sensations
• Fractionated Coconut Oil

*NOTE: Clary Sage is NOT recommended before 37weeks gestation as it can possibly induce labour. If you are term (37w-42w) then this can be a wonderful supportive blend to help bring on labour naturally when the woman’s body is ripe and ready for labour to begin ❤️**

🌸Peaceful Mama🌸

Sometimes us Mama’s just need to feel held and this beautiful blend really is like a little hug in a bottle. Super uplifting, this blend includes Balance to help us feel grounded, Grapefruit for its vibrancy and happy energy and of course Lavender to reduce stress and increase feelings of calm. My fave for the fourth trimester 🙌

🌸Easy Queasy🌸

Sick of feeling, well, sick? Say goodbye to nausea thanks to this strong anti-emetic blend. Works wonders for morning sickness, digestive issues including vomiting and diarrhoea (great one to use down the track for tummy bugs or those big nights out 🤭) thanks to peppermint, ginger and lemon!

** Please Note | Disclaimer
These products and information are not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease or conditions. Always discuss with your medical practitioner and/or trusted Naturopath before using any essential oil blends. We also recommend patch testing on the inside of the wrist to ensure you do not have any sensitivities to these oils.