Peachy Rose 3 in 1 Oil Cleanser 60ml **BEST BEFORE JUNE 2020** - Bamboo Basix
$10.00 $27.95

Made with light and very refined organic oils, this beautiful peach and rose scented cleanser from Melvory's Skincare effectively removes hardened masses of bad oils and sebum from your skin. It also dissolves the most stubborn make-up like magic, and the natural argan oil conditions your lashes to keep them thick and healthy.

ONE product, THREE functions! Talk about value for money! 

❤  Make-Up Remover
❤  Lash Serum
❤  Deep Pore Cleanser

How to use: Gently massage into your skin in circular motions, and watch your make-up, sunscreen and grime melt away within seconds.