Ditch the cabbage leaves! Mumasil Reusable Warm and Cool Breast Packs are better! 

These clever reusable gel packs conform to the shape of your breast and work warm or cold to provide gentle and soothing relief from pain and discomfort associated with engorgement and blocked ducts.  They can also be used to encourage let down. 

Safe, non toxic and convenient with two extra soft sleeves, Mumasil Reusable Warm and Cool Breast Packs are a must have for your breastfeeding journey!

Key features of Mumasil Reusable Warm and Cool Breast Packs

  • Soothing relief for tender breasts - provide both warming and cooling therapy to ease discomfort caused by nursing and to stimulate milk flow.  Warm therapy encourages milk let-down and can help loosen clogged ducts to make feeding easier.  Cooling therapy soothes pain and swelling due to engorgement or weaning
  • Comfortable and natural fit - soft and flexible design contours to fit most breast sizes for a comfort fit and instant relief
  • Easy to heat and cool - to warm the pads place in hot water or in the microwave. To enjoy the benefits of cold therapy, place the pads in the fridge or freezer 
  • East to clean - clean the pads with warm soapy water.  The sleeves can be cold washed in the washing machine
  • Breast pump aid - use with a breast pump to encourage let down and reduce time spent pumping 
  • Non-toxic - BPA Free, Latex Free, Lead Free

Product details


❤   Two reusable gel breast pads

❤   Two soft breast pad sleeves