We have teamed our ultra-soft, absorbent and waterproof breast pads with the ultimate in milk making products! 

Catch all that extra liquid gold with our Mumasil Breast Milk Saver  which suctions to your breast to create a hands-free container that catches the breast milk that would normally be lost from a letdown or leaking breasts. Made from 100% FDA approved medical grade silicone and independently tested to be BPA Free, PVC, cadmium and lead free, use whilst feeding on the opposite side or to relieve engorgement

Made to Milk's DIY packet mixes are the budget friendly option for delicious treats for milking Mum's.  Available in three scrumptious flavours: Milk Choc, Triple Choc and White Choc and Macadamia. Each packet mix (500g) makes approximately 12 cookies.

Made to Milk's Boobie Boosters are little gold nuggets that contain the most concentrated and highest performing galactagogues out there - brewer's yeast and flaxseed!  

Seasons of Mama Boobie Boost Roller Blend is a beautiful blend to naturally boost the volume and fat content of your breast milk thanks to fennel, basil, geranium and Fenugreek CO2 extract. 

PLUS Tea OR Hot Chocolate

Aussie brand Mama Body Tea bring you their nourishing blend "Mama's Milk" to support lactation and promote healthy milk flow and soothe bub's digestion. 

Made to Milk's Deluxe Hot Chocolate Dairy Free chocolatey goodness with Brewer's Yeast to pack a milk making punch. 

The More Milk Bundle is also the perfect Baby Shower gift. Spoil yourself or someone you know.

Included in this bundle:

❤   Bamboo Basix Breast Pads - 7 pairs - please select your size and colour combo  

❤   Mumasil Silicone Breast Milk Saver (100mL capacity with lid)

❤   Made to Milk Lactation Cookie Packet Mix - 500 g 

❤   Made to Milk Boobie Boosters - 80 tablets (approx 3 week supply)

❤   Seasons of Mama Boobie Boost Roller Blend - 10 mL

Choose either:

❤  Mama Body Tea Mama's Milk  20 pack (pyramid tea bags) OR

❤  Made to Milk Deluxe Hot Chocolate 300 g




** Please Note | Disclaimer
Essential oils are not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease or conditions. Always discuss with your medical practitioner and/or trusted Naturopath before using any essential oil blends. We also recommend patch testing on the inside of the wrist to ensure you do not have any sensitivities to these oils.