We have teamed our buttery soft Bamboo Basix Washcloths with MooGoo's famous Scalp Cream.  

MooGoo's Scalp Cream is the “go to” cream for cradle cap.  Think of it as cradle cap's kryptonite....Just ask any Mum. 

Olive and Coconut Oils teamed with a host of other calming and soothing ingredients, in combination with our bamboo washcloths, will make light work of that ugly phase most babies go through around week 5 that no one tells you about.  NB. If symptoms persist, please see your doctor.

The perfect Baby Shower gift. Spoil yourself or someone you know.

Included in this combo:

❤   Bamboo Basix Washcloths - 6 pack

❤   MooGoo Scalp Cream – 1 tube (120g)